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Jul 17, 2017. Currently the only option for people with inner ear hearing loss is to wear a. Loss website, where the REGAIN team have written a guest blog.

The MED-EL Blog is the official blog of MED-EL, a leader in hearing loss solutions. Posts give info about hearing, hearing loss, and hearing implants.

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A completely-in-the-canal model is custom molded and is virtually invisible. These are good for mild hearing loss, but have small batteries with a short life. An in-the-ear model is more visible, is more easily handled and often has more features.

Hearing loss can have a profound effect on a person and their quality of life. Hearing loss can lead to a withdrawal from social situations, signs of depression and.

Jun 16, 2015. Hearing loss causes serious difficulty hearing out-of-context. mind http://www.

From hearing aids to cochlear implant is a guest blog by Kirsteen Allison. Kirsteen is a working mum in Scotland writing about her cochlear implant and experiences of.

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Hearing loss is a medical issue and not a consumer electronics opportunity.Since the fall of 2015, I have witnessed a giant political machine exert a coordinated effort through the streets of our nation’s capital to create a new over-the.

More than 37 million adults in the United States have hearing loss, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, yet it is estimated that only 20 percent of those who may benefit from treatment.

Mar 23, 2017. Action on Hearing Loss is the largest UK charity helping people confronting deafness, 3D Tune-In is now participating to their Guest Blog.

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5 days ago. Gael Hannan shares her personal experience living with hearing loss. Gael and guest bloggers explore every corner of the hearing loss life with humor. One of these is to write a French language blog on living with loss and,

Despite its descriptive name, age related hearing loss does not affect just the elderly but is a result of maturity processes that the body undergoes from the age of.

Welcome to A hearing loss community brought to you by Phonak for better living, raising, supporting and learning.

Cynthia Clark, a clinical audiologist at the UVA Health System, stated in an email only those with severe hearing loss used to be candidates for cochlear implants, but now the candidacy for the procedure has expanded. People of all ages.

Join the discussion in our growing forum. It's perfect if you're new to hearing loss and need some support, or you want to share about issues that affect you.

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Hearing loss afflicts millions of Californians. HLAA-CA provides information, education, support, & advocacy to Californians with hearing loss & their families.

hearing aid, hearing loss and deaf. hearing care providers — but also publishes "Hearing News", a blog that covers product news and. Guest Posting.

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The ASHA Leader Blog is the official blog of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. It is intended to inspire discussion about issues related to the fields.

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HLAA Staff Blogs; e-News Sign. Guest Bios You are here. Cheng is a Surgeon-Scientist with a clinical interest in caring for patients with hearing loss and.

Constance Brown Hearing Centers (CBHC), a non-profit agency, works to prevent, identify, evaluate and rehabilitate persons with hearing loss. Our licensed and.

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An insightful blog written by a parent for the parents of children diagnosed with hearing needs and fitted with hearing devices.

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May 4, 2017. Everyday Hearing > Blog > Hearing Loss and Stress – What You Should Know. This was a guest post by Vive Health co-founder Joe Fleming.

The industry groups have argued that the over-the-counter devices only be allowed for people with mild hearing loss, suggesting that the new law would cause more harm than help for those with moderate hearing loss. The bill, widely.